The high productivity of american agriculture is exemplified by

The high productivity of American agriculture is exemplified...

The high productivity of American agriculture is exemplified by _. 0.

The high productivity of American agriculture is... -

The best way to see the productivity is the see the amount of crops produced per unit of land or per farmer - the correct answer is a. b would be a sign of the opposite situation, a low productivity. C and D could be indicative of other factors, such as population density.

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Sustainable agriculture seeks to at least use nature as the model for designing agricultural systems.

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The first two decades of the 20th century turned out to be the golden age of American agriculture. Farm prices were high as demand for goods increased and land values rose. Technical advances continued to improve productivity.

Smallholder Agriculture in East

Agricultural productivity is one of the key determinants of high and sustained agricultural growth, and in

Agricultural Productivity Growth, Efficiency Change

(1991) and Stern (1989) show that countries with high levels of productivity growth and only modest discrimination towards the agricultural sectors were successful industrializers. Meanwhile, countries with low levels of productivity growth and a strong bias against agriculture through trade and pricing...

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Large capital investments and increasing use of highly trained labor also have contributed to the success of American agriculture.

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This is exemplified by the poultry and swine industries, where vertical integration has allowed for specialization and improved

Measurement of U.S. Agricultural Productivity: A

Measurement of U.S. Agricultural Productivity: A 2014 Review of Current Statistics and Proposals

Change and Technical

The results show that among developing regions, Latin America and the Caribbean shows the highest agricultural productivity growth.

Agriculture and Aggregate Productivity

A decomposition of aggregate labor productivity based on internationally comparable data from the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Penn World Table reveals that low productivity and a high share of labor in agriculture are mainly responsible for the...

The process of agricultural transformation

Although agricultural productivity per worker was nearly always less than the level of national productivity, its faster rise meant that the gap tended to narrow.

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Increased production of higher productivity in EU agriculture generates additional income in the upstream and downstream sectors of the value chain.

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Since growth in productivity leads to higher standards of living, understanding the specific sources of that growth, and fostering it, is of great public policy

Restoring the productivity of marginal soils with organic amendments

On our best agricultural soils, e.g., gently-sloping, medium-textured, well-structured, and deep-profile, a high level of productivity can be maintained by a relatively few, but essential, conservation practices that can

Agricultural productivity and

When Agricultural productivity is already very high (low), any further of its improvement lowers (raises) the size of the industrial sector.

High Productivity Agricultural Techniques

High Productivity Agricultural Techniques in Brazil: Barriers and Solutions. Executive Summary. A no-till farming method called the Direct Planting System (DPS) is one of the most important develop-ments in agriculture in the past decades.

Intensive farming systems: efficiency and innovation for sustainability

However, agriculture in North America has been able to function at a high level of productivity


Productivity of Agricultural Labor. as a ratio of a worker's annual earnings) in American agriculture did not changed. much.

Energy Use in American Agriculture

In the past, farms have accomplished this task by relying heavily on external sources of energy to increase their productivity.

American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment...

Read the full-text online edition of American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment and Productivity (1942).

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Federal support for state agricultural experiment stations began in 1887, providing the basis for scientific improvement of American agriculture.

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After all, if the analogy to agriculture holds true, then rising productivity in the manufacturing and distributive sectors should eventually pay off in higher real wages and higher living standards for Americans.

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Since nineteen twenty-four, American milk production has grown almost one hundred percent. But the number of milk cows has decreased by half.

Agriculture & New New Trade Theory

Proposition 1 (Agriculture Trade Model with Farm Heterogeneity): Farm heterogeneity in productivity and xed trade costs of exporting are the

Productivity and

Distributions of corn grain yield and net crop revenue by erodibility class show that significant acreages of soils at all but the highest levels of productivity can be found in each

Part II - World food and agriculture in review: A focus on productivity

A focus on productivity. The current world food and agricultural situation is characterized by continued high and volatile international food prices and the persistence of hunger and malnutrition in many parts of the world.

Organic Agriculture - Increased productivity in developing countries

Practitioners of organic agriculture can enhance efficiency and increase productivity, but this

Macro-Economic Model: A Study of American Agriculture and...

Productivity Trends In A Sectoral Macro-economic Model: A Study Of American Agriculture And Supporting Industries, 1919-1964 -

Soviet Agriculture and

Nonetheless, in the outcome, there was little to choose between Soviet and American agriculture in terms of dynamic efficiency; in both countries, multifactor productivity in agriculture rose yearly by about 2 per cent in the 1950s and 1 per cent in the 1960s.

Agricultural employment

An interesting characteristic of ag-ricultural employment is the high incidence of multiple jobholding .

Maize Productivity in the American Southwest, Part 2

In this paper, the relative agricultural productivity of four specific archaeological regions within the study area, including the Chaco Halo (the

Research Proximity and Productivity

Station research speeds up the pace of innovation, increas-ing the productivity of high knowledge stock farmers who are located near the station.

Agricultural Productivity

CONCLUSION. The gains in agricultural productivity have been a phenomenal success story in American economic history.

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tropics.1. One would expect that the productivity of agricultural labor in poor tropical countries would be lower whether or not tropical climate or soils had an impact on agriculture.

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Furthermore, the productivity of U.S. agriculture is legendary; the value of its agricultural commodities exceeds US$ 191 billion at the farm level (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2010). What does the future of American agriculture look like?

American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment...

"Agricultural Productivity," NBER Chapters,in: American Agriculture, 1899-1939: A Study of Output, Employment and Productivity, pages 247-288 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. Harold Barger & Hans H. Landsberg, 1942.

Misallocation: Agriculture - The Ag Productivity Gap

ttedly, the key insight we build into the two-sector model has long existed in the economic ment literature: traditional agricultural systems cannot generate high labor productivity in agriculture


Though the productivity per unit of land and per unit of energy use is much higher in these small and diversified farms than the large intensive farming

Smallholder Agriculture in East

Agricultural productivity is one of the key determinants of high and sustained agricultural growth, and in

Productivity and Efficiency

Enhancing productivity in agriculture is important because of its effective contribution to poverty reduction through better food security and higher farm incomes. The central role of agricultural productivity in the economic and social agenda of developing countries was reinforced by the...

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Recent data, however, suggest that productivity growth in at least some im-portant sectors of Australian agriculture may be slowing.

Agricultural labour productivity, food prices and sustainable...

At the same time higher agricultural labour productivity releases agricultural labour from food production to production of other goods and services (as few-er workers are

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Since nineteen twenty-four, American milk production has grown almost one hundred percent. But the number of milk cows has decreased by half.

High-productive and efficient agriculture

High-productive and efficient agriculture: a sustainable approach!? Dr. Aalt A. Dijkhuizen Rabobank & VIV Grand Eve.

Part 1: The American Economy - Agricultural Development

4 CHAPTER 1. America is the sole superpower and has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Overview of U.S. Agricultural Structure

The low income elasticity of demand for farm ingredients in food and the higher productivity gains in agriculture compared to the nonfarm sector have speeded outmigration.

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Italy had a seed productivity of 3:1 for its poorer lands, and a higher of 15:1, while the mean would be around 5:1/6:1 Roman Egypt had probably a

Interactions between Agriculture and Industry

The less employment in agriculture, the higher is industrial employment and thus the growth rate.

Non-traditional approach to small scale farmers

The high productivity of cotton in growing regions with large farm size and where agriculture is intensive and mechanized, is related to efficient farm management and application of modern technological advances.

Tariffs and Growth in Late Nineteenth Century America

The political justification for this tariff structure was that the high wages of American workers required protection against the low wages paid by foreign manufacturers.

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13. Problems While the high productivity of American agriculture has kept food prices low for consumers, farmers have been perhaps too successful. A period of economic difficulty began in the early 1980s.

Productivity Growth and Convergence in

manufacturing and in agriculture and we find that in most countries, TFP growth in agriculture is higher.

high agricultural productivity: Topics by

Therefore, we postulate that negative environmental impacts of modern agriculture are due more to production simplification than to inherent characteristics of agricultural productivity. Thus by enhancing diversity within agricultural systems, it should be possible to reconcile high quantity and...

Ajith Nivard Cabraal: The role of productivity improvement in achieving

However, in a highly competitive, globalized environment with a limited resource endowment all of these factors would be second to productivity.

Productivity and Analysis of Spatial Dependencies of for

The considered four classes have been grouped as highly productivity, moderately high productive, moderately low productive, low productive regions.

Productivity, structural change, and Latin

Improvements in non-agricultural productivity between 20% to over 100% would be required for the other Latin American countries in our set to signicantly

Agriculture is a proof of monumental mismanagement in India

By Indian standards of productivity itself, agriculture is highly in-competitive despite massive direct and indirect government supports

Racy Nature-A Sun Technology towards Quantum Agriculture

Thus, in lieu of some high profile having access to limited organic food, a better quality and accessible to all surpassed solution is developed.

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Agriculture is arguably the most important sector of the economy that is highly dependent on climate.